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“I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TRIP. IT WAS FANTASTIC.” THE BUS, THE GUIDE, THE DRIVER, THE WEATHER (CLOUDY), the exhibition, the sites, the stops, the city and lastly the Cavern: a Beatle's fans dream.
Reviewed by :Anonymous
"The day is unforgettable! Just great!" CaN YOU ONLY SHARE! Only the day was soon over.
Reviewed by :Brigitte H.
We just want to say THANK YOU for the day you made us go through in Liverpool. It was fantastic. The representative of Golden Tour was on time by the ticket office in Euston Station with all the tickets for our Beatles and Liverpool tour. You made all things with neatness and efficiency. We will never forget that you helped us to make our dream come true... Now, from Argentina... THANKS
Reviewed by :Adriana Camponovo