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Night Time in London, Activities and Bus Tours

Keep exploring London into the evening with a night time tour of the city. London by night is a mesmerising sight as much-loved landmarks light up and the streets and come alive. Join us for an open top bus tour of London and see how the city changes after dark.

London by Night

Can any other city in the world quite surpass London in its twilight majesty? See London by night in a range of different ways: perhaps travel back in time of the infamous Henry VIII's court when you feast on a Medieval Banquet, perhaps embark upon a London night bus tour, or, if you wish to uncover the very best of London's nightlife, a party bus nightclub tour is the tour for you.

Our London evening tours give you access to a London you may not be aware of, a city that teems with vibrancy and possesses a distinct cosmopolitan atmosphere that is arguably more imperceptible during the day. London sightseeing at night makes for a rather special experience.

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  • See the best of London lit up against the night sky
  • Sights of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and more
  • Come up close to the world-famous Buckingham Palace
  • Storytelling of London’s rich history with a live guide throughout
  • Choose from a 7pm or 8pm departure
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